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• The bike(s) I’ll be riding is / are road or race classic motorcycle(s) built before 2000 or I have confirmed with the organisers that my later bike is considered to be within the spirit of the event. 
• I accept it is my responsibility to ensure the overall condition of my bike is in good, safe, working order for use on the track and will have thoroughly checked the following well before the event 
• For my own safety and the safety of all other riders on track, I accept Classic Bike Trackdays will refuse access to the circuit of my motorcycle if it is deemed to be unsafe 
• I agree to abide by all rules and instructions from the organisers, marshals and circuit staff, both on or off the circuit, or risk not being allowed to take further part in the event without refund 
• I hold a current and full DVLA driving licence or a current ACU race licence, not a restricted licence and will produce this on the day at registration if required, or risk / accept not being allowed on track without refund 
• I will wear appropriate clothing for taking part in the track sessions, including 
o either one-piece leather or two-piece zip together leathers which zip up all the way round which are in good condition without holes, rips or tears. 
o an approved full face helmet with a visor in good condition 
o motorcycle boots & gloves in good condition 
• I am over 18 years of age or over, or I am an experienced ACU licence holder under 18 years of age and have contacted the organisers prior to my booking to confirm I am eligible to take part 
• I will register on the day, and complete the appropriate indemnity form(s) and wear the relevant coloured wristband and display the colour-coded sticker for my session on the front of my motorcycle(s) 
• I will attend the compulsory riders briefing and receive a wristband to prove I have attended the briefing, and wear both wristbands until the end of the event 
• I will not overtake during warm up laps, or ride dangerously (eg: overtaking on the inside of a bend, wheelies, stoppies, weaving to warm up tyres) or ride disrespectfully towards other riders on track. I understand and accept that if I don’t abide by these rules I may have my wristbands removed and not be able to take any further part in the event, without refund 
• I will abide by the 5mph Paddock speed limit 
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